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Dating after divorce: the fastest growing population with HIV

Dating after divorce can certainly spark anxiety in some. Many are in the dark about just how much times have changed. In the U.S., the baby boomers are the fastest growing population with HIV infections. .

This article from Palm Beach revealed why, “Casanova's a middle-aged swinger, buoyed by erectile-dysfunction drugs such as Viagra or Cialis. He's a sexually active divorcé, or widower, who has multiple partners - including prostitutes”.

Online dating web sites are a wet dream for sex addicts. There are millions of naïve people in emotional pain after divorce. In addition, many people seem to drop their guard online.
Lisa met John on a popular online dating web site. They were living together within 8 weeks. Lisa is clueless about John’s background. If Lisa had done her homework and had appropriate boundaries, she would not have caught disgusting Herpes lesions.

Lisa was submissive and had let John badger her into having unprotected sex. Lisa was not even thinking about the Herpes virus, Hepatitis or other STDS. Lisa has not dated in over 30 years and was like a fish out of water on the dating scene. She was lonely and didn’t want to lose her male suitor. She was not concerned about getting pregnant so she had unprotected sex with a man she knew all of two weeks.

These tragic stories are repeated on a daily basis across America. Online dating has contributing greatly to this problem. Women over 50 are not worried about getting pregnant. Next, they meet a man online and before you know it they are intimate.

John refuses to wear condoms because he tells Lisa he’s been fixed and that his HIV test was negative. He proudly pulls out his negative HIV results like a badge, even though the test is a year old. John complains that he cannot stand how condoms feel. He bullied Lisa into having unprotected sex.

If you are new to the dating scene after years of being married it is time to brush up on how to protect oneself. There are HIV home test kits for about 39 dollars available at your local pharmacies. Next, no matter how lonely you might feel you will be even lonelier if you end up with HIV or other STD’s. If a person insists on unprotected sex insist that she/he gets screened for all STD’s.

Lisa should at the very least insist he takes a home HIV test The results will appear in twenty minutes in the comfort of her own home. There is a catch though, it will not show if HIV was contracted in the last three months.

You better hope he has not been dating down in Palm beach, Florida. Since condoms break she should insist he take the test regardless. Next, insist on testing for all STD’s. . If he refuses then he is really not all that interested in a relationship with you to begin with.

Next, boundaries were clearly lacking with Lisa. Millions of people are meeting online and moving in with people over a very short period of time. In fact, it’ so epidemic a new TV show has appeared from all the horrific dating stories called, “Web of Lies”.

Dating online requires appropriate boundaries. It is important to guard your health because if you don’t nobody else will! The last thing one needs is to become another statistic and end up as another baby boomer with HIV.

Protect your health!

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