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Dating advice that needs to die lol

How to get married in 24 hours or less
How to get married in 24 hours or less
Photo by Ethan Miller

I saw this on a tweet and the guy really did have a point. It is just a little true that all dating advice is the same and we have all heard it before. " How to get your boyfriend back in 10 days." "How to get your ex back." "Top ten ways to surprise your lover in bed." I could go on. Ive written quite a few of them. Here is the thing, how many things are there to write about when it comes to dating advice? When you break up with your ex do you sometimes search the Internet for advice, or a long lost soul who might be able to feel your pain??

Dating Advice can't die. It is the Bible of relationships in a thousand mismatched languages. Besides, there would be one less thing to not take yourself seriously about. Come on!