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Dating a Male Model

In today's society looks are really important. Depending on one's self esteem it could raise it or decrease it. If a girl gets a hot guy she feels good but if she gets the geeky one she feels not so good. What about dating a male model?

Dating a male model is not everything it is cracked up to be. Sure you are with someone who is hot but as time goes on looks fade. Personality is what is really important in a relationship.

When you are dealing with a male model you are dealing with someone who is very conceited. He may brag about how so many girls want him. Since he is in the looks industry that is all he cares about. He takes more time getting ready than you do and you have to worry with how you look. You can't be yourself around him because you are too worried about being perfect.

When dating a male model you must keep in perspective that to him you are replaceable. There is no love. If you do not give him what he wants than he will go and find another girl who will. The littlest thing could make him leave because he could feel that he could get any girl he wants. He will tell you anything you want just to get you into bed and after awhile he will leave. A guy who loves you will stick around through the good times and the bad times.

If you are dating a guy who did modeling or wants to model or even is modeling, enjoy it. Don't expect anything for the long term. Guys who are really shallow aren't made for long term relationships. If you want a long term relationship try the sweet guy. If you did date the male model and it didn't work out than at least you get to say you had the experience of being with a male model.

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