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Datin Me, Myself, and I



Oftentimes women sift from relationship to relationship, continuously feeling unfulfilled with their current significant other.  So many women I have known throughout my lifetime are unable to be fulfilled or feel whole without a companion.  These observations make the following question arise:  what differentiates individuals who become co-dependent and “needy” on another person from those that don’t?  This is something I have spent an abundance of time pondering and studying and have concluded that a variety of variables come into play.  The main issue at hand is that one cannot become satisfied or fulfilled in any relationship until they have determined who they truly are as an individual themselves.  Without the external indulgences of television, the internet, iPods or the telephone people are left without knowing what they truly enjoy or what really stimulates them.  Anything thought-provoking  such as reading, writing, or good conversation is becoming progressively less chosen as extracurricular activity, leaving our society to remain boring, non-intellectual, and co-dependent on something or someone else to define who we are as human beings.  I challenge anyone reading this article to identify 4 or 5 activities that stimulate them that do not include any that I have mentioned and tell me if there is not a struggle.    I place significance on the fact I prompt readers to indentify something that is actively a part of their weekly lives; going jogging or reading once a month does not suffice.  Until one knows themselves in and out and has a clear conceptualization of their inner self, how can one be expected to know what they will find fulfilling in a partner?  One of my all-time favorite quotes:  “the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous,” Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.  So many women in our society fail to acknowledge the significance of the relationship they have with themselves and rely on a man to define their character and well being. I challenge all women reading this to do some soul-searching to determine what makes them unique and what really excites them, outside of receiving a phone call from “that guy.”  No relationship should ever take precedence over the one we have with ourselves, and if yours is it’s time to re-evaluate why and make some changes in your life.


  • Rachael 5 years ago

    The title was intended to be "Dating Me, Myself, and I" not Datin lol oh get the drift! Thanks for reading everyone :0)