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Dates around the world (right in your city): Japan

Dive into the deliciousness offered up at Kampai on your Japanese-inspired date.
Dive into the deliciousness offered up at Kampai on your Japanese-inspired date.
Amanda Dahl

We have seen Europe and we have seen South America. (If you missed those fantastic little expeditions, check out the links listed below to catch your tour.) How about we make our next world experience take place in Japan? In this new addition of “Dating around the world (right in your city),” you and your lover will get to explore authentic Japanese cuisine and culture on your next dating adventure. Enjoy the journey, love birds!


The Japanese have got this dining experience down to an art. From exotic dishes to flamboyant cooking, you and your date are in for an exciting time. If you are looking to entertain your love with a show, make the Kobe Japanese Grill located in Westport your dining choice on this date night. For those of you who have yet to experience a hibachi grill, the teppanyaki chefs are skilled at grilling delectable meats, fish and veggies with flair right before your eyes. This type of tableside preparation is big on audience participation, so be prepared to have a shrimp flipped in your mouth fresh from the grill. Even if you are too nervous to catch food with your mouth, you and your date will enjoy the onion volcanoes and the chef’s deft hand movements as he juggles his steel spatulas. Check hours and more by clicking here.

For the more adventurous couple (or those of you who already appreciate a mouth-watering raw cuisine), take advantage of some of the city’s great sushi choices. Kampai resides in the Central West End and boasts of a heavenly selection of sushi rolls and scrumptious nigiri pieces. You can never go wrong with the Rainbow roll, which includes three types of fish served on a thick California roll. Enjoy a splendid miso soup paired with salad and await the glorious wooden boat soon to be delivered with a shipload of bountiful sushi daring you to devour. You and your date can even cozy up in the back, sitting Japanese-style on the elevated floor. Visit the website for a full menu.


The Japanese are a culture centered around tradition, and to honor that culture, the Missouri Botanical Garden hosts a Japanese Festival every year. This Labor Day weekend, take your love on a tour of Japan with a celebration of heritage sure to delight and impress. From a dramatic drum show to sumo wrestling and martial arts exhibitions, you and your love can experience Japan right here at home. This is one date even kids can enjoy with numerous hands-on activities, such as balloon art or origami demonstrations throughout the weekend. Stay out late on Sunday for some memorable karaoke moments with your date and be sure to catch the dreamy candlelit walk at the beginning of the celebration. For tickets and a full event schedule, click here.

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