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Dates around the world (right in your city): Brazil

Brazil is currently hosting the World Cup, so be sure to cheer on Team USA!
Brazil is currently hosting the World Cup, so be sure to cheer on Team USA!
Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

All eyes are on the World Cup currently being played in Brazil. Find your samba spirit and cheer on the USA (playing on Tuesday) with your next “date around the world” experience. Find the right flavor, the right sound and the right time to celebrate the carnival style of Brazil with these date suggestions.

Tucanos for taste…

Get your tastebuds dancing by introducing them to authentic Brazilian cuisine at Tucanos Brazilian Grill. Located near Ameristar and the Historic District in Saint Charles, this restaurant encourages you to have a tasting adventure with your date by sampling from a traditional form of grilling referred to as “churrasco.” Imagine thick slices of meat being grilled over a majestic open fire on skewers, soon to be hand-delivered to your table for you and your date to decide from which stack of meat to sample. Best part? You both can have as many as you’d like. A wooden indicator peg is available at your table to show your server just how much food you’re prepared to consume. Keep the green side up to let them know to bring on the meat or flip over the red end to show you have ate your fill. Even if you or your date is the vegetarian sort, Tucanos has endless options for you to try at the “Salad Festival.” This smorgasbord of salads, vegetables, rice and pastas will keep your mouth entertained. Hint: ask your server for the daily specials during the World Cup!

Sambo Bom for sound…

Polish off dinner with a bottle of wine while reveling in a Brazilian serenade at Blumenhof Winery in Dutzow. The sounds of samba and carnival are presented by Sambo Bon who play on July 12th and again on September 27th at the local winery. For a lively yet romantic vibe, try for the earlier date which features a modest quartet. To experience the full vibrant band, swing by in September. From your favorites like “The Girl of Ipanema” to a funky dance style, Sambo Bon will help you find the right groove to set the mood for your Brazilian-inspired date.

Brasil Day for celebration!

Brasil Day is developing into an annual tradition in the city with the street festival going on its second year. If you are looking for authenticity with your world tour date, this is the place to be. An all-day affair on September the 6th, the festival boasts of dance shows and lessons, a parade to be enjoyed by all ages and of course countless food options. Grab a snack, teach your date how to samba and stop by the film booth to catch a Brazilian flick. Immerse yourselves in the vibrant Brazilian spirit on this fun-filled date.

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