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Dates and deadlines approaching for the state primary and general election in MI

I, Randy Jenkins, remind residents of the great state of Michigan that Tuesday, July 6th is the last day to register for the upcoming August 3rd State Primary Election.

Since the last election, residents may have moved, polling locations may have changed, first time eligibility may have been acquired, etc.  I will provide an array of websites that I consider valuable resources for voter information.

I will provide relevant websites that will provide the answers to questions or other tools to help make your voting experience go well.  The websites cover issues such as:

  • registration status
  • polling locations
  • voting equipment used
  • sample ballots
  • information pertaining to absentee voting
  • information pertaining to military or overseas voters
  • voter ID requirements
  • dates and deadlines

Remember, August 3, 2010 is the State Primary Election and November 2, 2010 is the General Election; while the deadline for the August 3rd election is July 6, 2010 and the deadline for the November 2nd election is October 4, 2010.

For important and relevant voter information, please visit , , and .

For a look at the varing information provided by Detroit's CIty Clerk Janice M. Winfrey, please visit .

Voters, get involved in the campaigns.  There are varying ways and means to volunteer and support your candidate of choice.  Note the candidates also need the financial support of their constituents and supporters, so please give if you can.

Maybe I'll see you at a fundraiser, canvassing around town, at a townhall meeting, at a local campaign headquarters, etc.







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