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'Dateline NBC' Andrea Canning reports on double killings in 'Deadly Deceit'

Andrea Canning
Andrea Canning
NBC Television

Dateline NBC” can be seen each Friday (8/7 p.m.) & each Sunday (7/6 p.m.). On last Friday night's episode Jan. 17, 2014 it was called, “Deadly Deceit.” In the overnight TV ratings it grabbed 6.98 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.5 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. Investigative reporter Andrea Canning narrated the episode.

Karl Karlsen brought Christina home to meet his family back in 1986. He had served in the Air Force & they soon got married. They had three kids named, Erin, Levi & Katy. Karl took a new job under Art who was Christina's father. They moved to California to be near her family. On New Years Day back in 1991, Karl was in the car garage when Christina got trapped in the bathroom when their house caught on fire.

Art broke the news to his family that Christina had died in that fire. Karl took his three kids and moved back home to New York four days after the fire. Christina's family were devastated that Karl just up and left the state. Art was angry too with Karl because he could've done something more to save Christina.

Karl went to work at a new job when he returned to New York. His family & friends chipped in to help raise the three kids. Karl then met a woman named Cindy Best & they married in 1993. They had a son together named Alex through “InVitro-Fertilization.” Levi began to rebel against Karl & left home in 1992. He also dropped out of high school. There was another fire that same year in the barn which killed several of their prize Belgian horses.

Levi married a girl named Cassie in 2003. They had two kids, but were soon divorced. Levi got his G.E.D & took responsibility of his life & kids. By 2008, Karl discovered that a truck in their barn had fallen on Levi, crushing his chest & killing him. Karl looked like he fell apart, but came back from it easily. His brother Mike & Cindy separately suspected Karl of killing his own son Levi.

Cindy confided in her friends about Karl & they introduced her to a private investigator. She told the investigator that Karl went to see Levi in the barn before they went to a funeral that day. When they returned she heard country music coming from the barn. She claimed that Levi never listened to country music. The investigator decided that he wanted to meet Karl.

The investigator went under cover as a marketing executive to help promote Karl & Cindy's “duck birdbusiness. Karl it turns out had collected on Levi's life insurance policy worth $700,000. Some of the money was supposed to go to Levi's daughters who never received a penny. Karl also collected $10,000 on the insurance of his brand new damaged car. He then collected $115,000 on the death of those Belgian horses. Karl surprisingly had taken out life insurance policies on Levi's daughters too. Cindy packed up her son Alex & left Karl.

Cindy then began recording her conversations. - Did Karl confess to the murder of his son Levi? Did he kill his first wife Christina back in California? - You can watch the full episode of “Deadly Deceit” at the official website of “Dateline NBC.”

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