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Date Night

Red wine on a table with roses.
Red wine on a table with roses.
Photo by Tina Phillips

I recently went to see the movie, “Date Night,” starring Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. The movie is a romantic comedy and depicts the lives of a seemingly happy married couple living in New Jersey who have let the romance and spunk fizzle out of their marriage. They have two kids, full-time jobs and barely have time to get sleep, let alone be intimate with one another.

The husband, played by Carrell, tries to treat his wife, played by Fey, to a romantic dinner out to a well known restaurant in New York City. They become the victims of mistaken identity because they steal someone else’s reservation at the restaurant and end up having a night filled with violence, burglary and laughs.

A lot of times when you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a while, it’s easy to fall into a rut and become a robot. You wake up, go to work, come home, cook and then go to bed, and you continue to replay this scenario over and over again. There is no spontaneity, adventure, romance, passion or excitement. In a sense, you have let the relationship go stale.

And this is essentially what this movie tries to teach us. With all of the comedy and craziness, the deeper message that I took from this movie is that you can’t allow you and your partner to become roommates instead of soul mates. You have to try and keep things fresh and new. Whether you have to set a date night every week or schedule a walk in the park together, you need alone time with just the two of you.

And alone time does include the bedroom. Having a child is no excuse for not having sex frequently. That doesn’t mean you have to be intimate everyday but it should happen at least twice a week with your partner, even if you have to do an office drive by.

A great place to start to rekindle the spark in your relationship is the AMC Fork & Screen in Buckhead. The movies are reasonably priced and you have the ability to eat and drink food while you enjoy the films. And you never know, after a few drinks, you both might get lucky.


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