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Date movie review

Got dumped? Of course you have. Whenever you take the risk of starting a new relationship you also take the risk of that relationship ending. In Dirty Love bombshell Jenny McCarthy tells the story of a woman’s crazy journey to finding love. Rebecca (Jenny) becomes desperate after finding her boyfriend with another woman’s legs in the air. To help mend her broken heart Rebecca, with some help from her friends (Carmen Electra and Eddie Kaye Thomas), goes on a string of interesting and sometimes appalling dates. Dirty Love is a hilarious and innovative look at women’s struggle to find pure love. While looking like a pretty girl and acting like and ugly one Rebecca weeds out the men that are no good and realizes something wonderful right in front of her.

Getting dumped is a major ego burn. When you’re heart gets crushed by the one person you’ve given it to you could begin to feel insane. You could feel like your heart has been ripped out causing a complete lost of emotional control. This is usually when judgment can become blurred, reaching out for anything to fulfill a void.

Don’t be discouraged by bad dates. Think of bad dates as training. When a relationship and dating partners don’t work out you learn more about yourself. You are able to know what you like and what you won’t stand for. When you figure out the type of person that you want to see yourself with than the others who don’t fit into that category will fall where they may. If your heart has been bruised don’t be afraid to jump out there and take a dating risk. When a first, or the first couple, of experiences don’t work out try not to take it personal. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what you deserve.

Rebecca’s gross, humorous adventure is a parody explanation that behind every good woman are a lot of bad men. I highly recommend Dirty Love to any woman who has just recently been dumped and is confused about her next step. This movie will make you laugh so hard you’ll forget about your ex and the reasons you’ve wasted time worrying about him.




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