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Date friendly restaurant for the budget conscious

Barefoot Bar & Grill
8732 W. 3rd Street
Barefoot Bar & Grill 8732 W. 3rd Street

Looking to treat your sweetheart to a nice dinner out, but don't want to break the bank doing it or even worse, come off looking cheap? Like so many of us out there, finding a balance between upscale and bargain is a tough line to follow. Some of the most happening Los Angeles' eateries are either the most expensive or are down right hole-in-the-walls. Many chain restaurants offer that middle of the road pricing but lets face it, you live in L.A where chains are few and far between and creative culinary delights can be found on every corner, so why waste your dining experience on a place you can find all across the country? 

This weekend I stumbled into the Barefoot Bar & Grill located at 8732 W. 3rd Street where I was pleasantly surprised by the decor, the service and of course, the food. Barefoot Bar & Grill  has been open since 1993 and prides itself on being everything that is "So-Cal." It's modern decor works hand-in-hand with some of the more cozy attributes it offers like the wood burning fire place, small living-room style sitting area, as well as the red curtained window dressings around the indoor dining area. Like every So-Cal restaurant should, Barefoot Bar & Grill offers both indoor seating as well as a patio and the color choices are light and breezy, giving it that beachy So-Cal vibe.

We sat  outside seeing as Saturday was a beautiful day to enjoy the breeze in our hair. Our waitress was charming and knew the menu well. She recommended some of her favorite selections and I took her advice and ordered the grilled artichoke as a starter and the crab quesadilla as my entrée. She knew what she was talking about as the quesadilla was unbelievable! If you like seafood, you'll love this meal! There is more than just seafood gracing the menu, so all of you non-fish-fans need not worry about finding something to enjoy on Barefoot Bar & Grill's menu. Burgers, salads, ribs, steaks and vegetarian options all have there place on the menu.

So lets talk pricing. Depending on what you select from this broad menu, entrées range anywhere from $9.95 to $23.95 per person, making Barefoot Bar & Grill a perfect place to have a date on a budget. My meal was priced at $9.95 and was tasty and filling, leaving my stomach content as well as my bank account. I didn't spend a fortune and yet I received the atmosphere and service of an upscale restaurant at the inexpensive price to fit my budget conscious wallet.

Barefoot Bar & Grill is open seven days a week, however their hours of operation vary. They are not open for breakfast, however they do offer both a Saturday & Sunday brunch starting at 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Every other day of the week, Barefoot Bar & Grill opens at 11:30 AM, ready to serve up the lunch menu. They are closed both Sunday & Monday evenings. For a complete look at Barefoot Bar & Grill's hours, please visit the following link:

Here's to fun and affordable night out with your date! To make reservations and earn dining points, please visit

For a closer look at Barefoot Bar & Grill menu click the following link:


  • Anonymous 1 4 years ago

    I enjoy this place. The ribs are indeed my preference as is the corn chowder.

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