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2014 Winter Olympics

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Date an Olympian? Sage Kotsenburg wants to meet ladies on Valentine’s Day

Sage Kotsenburg is going home to show fans his gold medal
Sage Kotsenburg is going home to show fans his gold medal
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Sage Kotsenburg is an Olympic gold medalist and will be travelling all day on Friday, but he is interested in finding his Valentine on February 14. The talented athlete is on his way home, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking a minute to see if he can meet some fine ladies during his travels. On Friday morning Kotsenburg let his social media fans know he wanted to meet a potential valentine at the airport.

“K, I need a Valentine for sure but gonna be travelling all day, someone wanna get a coffee in the airport today?” tweeted Sage Kotsenburg from his official Twitter account on Friday. While some might find his suggestion too forward, there were plenty of women looking to see what flights he might be taking.

The opportunity to date the first athlete to win the Olympic gold medal in Snowboard Slopestyle, at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia is a big deal. It’s even bigger if the star is on his way home as that means he has his gold medal nearby.

So will Sage Kotsenburg find his Valentine on February 14? Or will he just gracefully go home and enjoy the day with his family? Don’t worry Sage will let everyone know later on after he gets home. He loves to share all the details of his life online.