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Data set to dominate the marketing world in 2014

Marketing Tips
Marketing Tips

Being an effective marketer in 2014 means tapping into large pools of often complex data to make strategic decisions. Marketers are indeed trying harder to gather data, but 80 percent of customer data will still go unused. All marketers need analytics superstars to join their team, especially as big data will form the DNA of understanding customers. These superstars will be able to understand how customers make emotionally based and deeply rooted purchase decisions.

Data sources are increasing, which only magnifies the need for capable data analysts. As consumer data access increases, so does the potential to switch brands. Over 70 percent of marketers say they plan to implement a Big Data Analytics solution in the next two years. A full 64 percent of companies say they are not yet using data-driven marketing for personalized content.

To learn more about all the marketing trends set to dominate 2014, check out this infographic!