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Data Base for Mark of the Beast Setting Up Now!

The New World Order is rising although many cannot see it. It rises slowly sneaking up in the form of free, government, must have benefits. Its advertised as being a good thing at first for those who believe it, and as a penalty later for those who refuse, ensuring that the majority are enrolled.

The New World Order pops up in the form of some, free government program that makes the people who qualify live better lives. It originally started out as government programs for the poor in the forms of food and housing assistance. Many people who didn't have the money thought the programs were great, especially for their children. They voluntarily signed up so they wouldn't have to worry about how they would pay their food and housing expenses. Later, as the people became accustomed to the programs, getting on them became an expectation. Now that the program has been around awhile, it is considered child neglect if they have children and qualify for assistance but refuse to get help.

What a lot of people don't understand and what the government knows already, is that when they sign up for a government program, such as housing assistance, they are waving their own constitutional rights. Because now that the government is paying the low income tenants rent for instance, the government has the right to over ride the rules and regulations of the apartment building with which they live. Since the government pays their rent, they have the legal right to decide what people can or cannot do in their own apartment. They have the legal right to come in and make sure its clean, that they live in accordance to how they think the tenant should live. All for the safety and well being of those that are under their so called care. But these programs were just forerunners for the big one to come, which is the health care bill. Once the people shown that they were willing to accept, that they were quite comfortable and preconditioned for government interference in their lives, the big government program, under the affordable health care act, was ready and waiting for the right day and hour to be born.

When the health care bill was signed into law, people were reluctant to sign up. The website failed and all the conspiracies and fears about the health care plan were brought into the forefront. The government tried at first to advertise it as something that everyone needed. Then as enrollment numbers were poor, a sign up date was put on the enrollment as well as a penalty. So it appeared to be in the governments greatest interest to get as many people as they can signed up by a certain date.

But what will happen once everyone is signed up? While many things are still uncertain, to know the future, one simply would have to look at the past. People are now finding from the time they signed up, that they would receive free government health care because the cost of living is so high. This puts the government in control of just about everyone's health. So they have the right to decide how and when the majority of Americans will go to the doctor. The government can over ride the doctor's decision about the patients health and decide what is best and most affordable for them. To get an idea on what type of decisions the government will make on the patient's behalf, take a look at the recent court decisions regarding those who are on life support.

In the past couple of months alone, there has been case after case of families wanting to keep their loved ones on life support, but the court ruled that the hospital can legally take them off, over riding the families decision. The doctors determined that some of the people were brain dead even though the family says they were showing movement and signs of hope.

In another case, a pregnant woman who was brain dead was ruled by a court to be taken off life support with no regard to the unborn child. These are the kind of decisions that will be affecting all US citizens in the near future. A panel will decide their fate, over ruling their families and doctors and the decision will ultimately be made in the best interest of cutting costs.

But the worst part is yet to come. Many people believe that hidden in the pages of the health care bill is an implantable device, also known as the RFID chip that would be put into all individuals who have health coverage. Just as the health care plan was taking off, Obama ordered that by a certain date, all medical facilities switch to electronic records. Everything is on the computer now, even x-rays. Records have to be electronic so they can be stored on a database which can easily be accessed by a chip placed under the skin of each patient. So shortly after the enrollment period ends, everyone will be put into a data base with name and number. All the information on every citizen, will be put on a database, set and ready to go for the implantable RFID chip.

In fact, the US government was so desperate to get this health care act out and rolling, that the funding for the health care act, was put into the governments budget. And when it came time to look at the budget and determine if the debt ceiling should or should not be raised, Obamacare was an important part of that provision.

Republicans, not believing it was affordable,tried to stop the health care from going though by complaining that the device tax was too high. What all was meant by the device tax, is still to be uncovered, but ultimately the Republicans were left with no choice. Even though they did not agree with this much intrusion on the lives of U.S. citizens, government bills had to be paid or face a default, so they reluctantly agreed with the government health care plan.

The Bible says that he, the Antichrist will cause all people to receive a mark on the right hand or forehead, that they may not buy or sell, except those who have the mark of the beast or the number of his name. It starts in the United States but quickly goes world wide as the world switches over to a one world banking system. The chip will also be used as a way to buy and sell without using real money. The Bible also says that those who accept the mark of the beast or the mark of Satan will be condemned to hell for eternity. This RFID implantable microchip could very well be that mark. The Bible says that during the tribulation hour, those who refuse the mark or the RFID chip will be beheaded for their faith.

But this doesn't have to happen to everyone. Jesus is coming right before the hour of tribulation begins, to save his people from the wrath of God and the horrors of the Antichrist. He promised to save all people who come to him with a sincere heart, willing to change their ways and be forgiven, no matter what they might have done.

The tribulation hour is fastly approaching, so don't delay, get your heart ready and ask Jesus into your heart today!

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