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It's like a Fitbit for your car.

The Dash Mobile app for Android and iOS is a free app which connects directly to your car computer through an OBDII adapter. Those adapters can be easily purchased online, often starting below $30 for Bluetooth models.

Once the adapter is connected you car, and paired with your phone, the Dash app can read every piece of info off of your car's computer. Speed, engine load and temperature, hard braking, it's all available and displayed in a pleasant and fluid UI. Combined with your phone's GPS and internal sensors, Dash becomes a comprehensive resource for vehicle and mileage tracking, even allowing you to research Check Engine lights and error codes.

The app is divided into pages for organization. A "My Garage" page allows users to track multiple vehicles. The app can direct you to the cheapest gas in your area. The GPS integration also provides a handy way to remember where you last parked your car if you're the forgetful type.

While driving, Dash grades your performance, delivering a score at the end of every trip with tips on how to improve your driving style. Following these tips should make you safer driver, and save you money in fuel and maintenance costs. The Dash developers also opened up their app's API to If This Then That. Using an IFTTT recipe, the app will automagically send the information from each completed trip to Google Docs spreadsheet. Terrifically helpful for people who aren't good at keeping a mileage log.

We took the Dash app for a test drive, so hit the related video for a more detailed look at all the features packed into this free service! You can find more info on Dash by heading to their site

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