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Daryl Thomas Hayes: Rockus singer working to unite Chicago area musicians

Daryl Thomas Hayes
Daryl Thomas Hayes

If you are on Facebook and in any way connected to the local Chicago band scene, then the name Daryl Thomas Hayes is more than likely very familiar to you.
For years a staple on the circuit as a member of several well-known bands as either a drummer, vocalist or both, Hayes currently serves as the lead singer for the 80’s band “Rockus”. Equally well known however is his tireless campaign to promote local music. Along with others like Christine Bell of Hollywoods Promotions, Starr Lee Williams of Bar Bands, Tony Amaro of Musicians Night Out, the folks at Illinois Bands and a few others who have opened up their pages for bands and musicians to post, Daryl is hoping to create an environment where bands, musicians and venues work to help each other.
As creator of the Facebook page “Let’s Rock Together”, Daryl Hayes feverishly shares show events, original music posts, band announcements and endlessly comments (with a thousand exclamation points peppered throughout) and hits the “like” button as a madman would in order to keep these posts alive in the news feed. He is very much like a hyperactive cheerleader, posting positive comments about bands, musicians, venues, booking agents and anything else connected with local music. Most refreshing of all is that you will never see a negative post typed by his hand. Daryl Hayes is all about keeping a positive and uplifting spin on everything.
Daryl began his career as a drummer at the young age of seven when his mother Emma wanted him to become more interested in music and less in custom cars like his brother. With the encouragement of both parents, Daryl finally took his place on the drum stool at the age of fifteen with a country band. While there he learned to play drums and sing simultaneously before taking his talents into rock music. By the mid 1990’s, Daryl had switched to the frontman position where he remains today with “Rockus”.
With a playlist populated by such bands as The Scorpions, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Whitesnake and others, Rockus is a virtual tour of the great hard rocking units of the 80’s. With his outrageously wide vocal range and ability to hit notes so high only dogs can hear, Daryl and Rockus are a non-stop freight train of good times and good music. Featuring lead guitarist Andy Carr, bassist Brian Nichols and drummer Frank Fanelli, Rockus is slowly getting more recognition; more shows under their collective belt and of course, more fans.
Not content to sit on his laurels, Daryl not only performs live and promotes local music from his computer, but also makes an effort to go the clubs to catch other bands, often being asked up on stage to perform as well.
He is in reality, a walking, talking business card for “Rockus”, more often than not drawing in fans for the band whenever he sits in with another local favorite, whether it be “Train Wreck”; “Chasing Amy”; Platinum”; “Poison’d Crue” or a host of others.
While his approach may seems a bit over the top to some, Daryl Hayes is a much appreciated asset to local music as an outstanding performer, a tenacious supporter of local music and in general, a fine human being and a good guy.

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