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Darwin exhibit at Fernbank museum

Charles Darwin
courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Today is the last day of the Darwin exhibit at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, located at 767 Clifton Road in Atlanta.

The open hours on New Year's Day will be from noon to 5 p.m.

It took several hours to see and read everything available in the exhibit and the section of the museum dedicated to the natural history of Georgia without leaving any time to explore the third floor of the museum.

The museum was packed, so it would be advisable to go early rather than later in order to see everything you'd like to see. There were many interesting diplays and things to be learned.

One video featured a litany of prominent scientists who claimed modern science would not exist were it not for Darwin, a somewhat curious claim considering he knew nothing of genetics or DNA.

It seemed that Darwin got all the credit every advance in modern science and biology, while Alfred Russell Wallace and Gregor Mendel got virtually none.

From everything I observed and learned yesterday, it seems Darwin's main claim to fame remains that his accumulated observations thoroughly dispelled any notion of Young Earth Creationism, making him skeptical that God existed.

In essence, Darwin popularized disbelief in the God of the Bible.

Therefore, I wanted to see as much of "his" evidence as possible, to see if there was anything that would possibly change my personal theories about how life originated.

There was an interesting video about the Big Bang theory and a display that alluded to abiogenesis, but in neither case did the "science" dwell on the problems inherent with those theories -- how our universe originated from nothing and inanimate matter became animated.

Nothing in the museum resolved my perceived problems with the conjecture about evolution.

The compounded improbabilities that must be solved for secular evolution to work without involving a God were simply glossed over and largely ignored.

Presumably, these are "minor" details.

I also saw Archaeopteryx, but felt no need to apologize for my skepticism about its significance in the fossil record any further.

After watching a video where Francis Collins warned me not to pigeonhole my God into "gaps" I perceived to exist in the science, I didn't see any cause to worry.

These aren't just gaps. These are gaping holes.


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