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Darth Vader turned down for presidency campaign in Ukraine

Photo credit: Kyiv Post
Photo credit: Kyiv Post
Photo credit: Kyiv Post

Usually political campaigns are boring and drawn out, but a certain candidate in Ukraine made things interesting in the political community. Early last week in Ukraine, a presidency campaign was denied after a man claiming to be Darth Vader from Star Wars wanted to participate in the Central Electoral Commission. The individual’s original name is Viktor Shevchenko, an Ukrainian local electrician who officially changed his name to Darth Vader in Match. Other than labeling himself as the dark lord in real life, he walks around town in the Darth Vader costume along with a group of stormtroopers.

According to media reports, Viktor Shevchenko was planning to run for president on behalf of the country’s internet party, but after the individual had intentions of turning Ukraine into a “galactic empire”, the commission rejected his candidacy, as it was deemed “questionable” and potentially forged. In response to the rejection as a candidate for the official political election, Viktor Shevchenko states, “They were afraid (of the) support rendered to me (by) the people of Ukraine. They will be defeated.”

Although running as Darth Vader may seem like a joke to the rest of the world, it was a very expensive joke played by a wealthy individual, as someone funded the political campaign with $227,000. Perhaps the expensive joke was to mock Russia, as the country still does not recognise Ukraine’s interim government as a proper political organisation. Other than that, the internet party has been around for a few years and has made a name for themselves, as they participate in protests frequently with intentions of creating an electronic government.

At the moment there are twenty-three candidates in the running for the presidential election on 25th May in Ukraine. Unfortunately, all the other candidates are simply normal humans and not science fiction characters who hope to turn things around in the country.