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Darren Wilson supporters to media: Stop putting people's lives in danger

During a rally held in St. Louis on Saturday, supporters of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson told members of the media to stop putting people's lives at risk.

Wilson supporter escorted away by police.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

"The media will have to earn the trust of the Support Darren Wilson group," the group said in a statement issued Saturday. "Stop drawing maps to houses, broadcasting in front of parties' homes, knocking on your family’s doors, putting people’s lives at risk."

"This is unethical, poor journalism and a travesty to this case," the group added. "At the end of this statement the media will inevitably ask for my name, others names and relationships, job titles, stories, etc. You want my name. My name is Darren Wilson. We are Darren Wilson.”

A CNN broadcast earlier this month showed Wilson's home, Kristinn Taylor said at the Gateway Pundit. The report was later edited, Taylor said, and now only shows a close-up of a front window. Other media outlets, including Yahoo News, USA Today and the UK Daily Mail, named the community where Wilson lived, causing Taylor to wonder if the so-called "mainstream media" want to see Wilson "lynched."

On Saturday, the Gannett-owned St. Louis television station KSDK issued an apology after showing Wilson's home. KSDK said it "immediately felt using that video was a mistake and pulled the video of the home from future newscasts and from our web site."

A local newspaper published the community and the street where Wilson lives, Taylor added, but did not give the actual address. According to that report, local law enforcement officials are monitoring Wilson's home and community from a nearby church. A local high school was closed and children sent home after the information was released.

At least one member of the media -- MSNBC activist Al Sharpton -- has been named the White House's "man on the ground in Ferguson," the New York Post reported. According to the Post, Sharpton began briefing the White House shortly after arriving in Ferguson. While there, he met with the Brown family and reported directly to senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. According to Politico, Sharpton was directed to find out what the Browns want from the White House.

Sharpton, BET added, will deliver the eulogy at Brown's funeral Monday. Video of the statement can be seen above.

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