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Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, according to Ferguson Police Chief Jackson

Darren Wilson is the Ferguson policeman who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9, resulting in Brown’s death, according to Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson. The news came as Jackson released several police reports and documents regarding the incident during a news conference on Friday, according to NBC News on Friday morning. Wilson was identified by Jackson as the officer whose fatal shooting of the unarmed black teenager stirred several days of protests, lootings and other negative community actions. The report says that the teen allegedly involved with the robbery of a box of cigars valued at $48.99.

Ferguson, Missouri
NBC News screenshot

The report reveals that Brown and Dorian Johnson – his friend – were suspected of stealing the cigars from a store in Ferguson, Missouri – a suburb of St. Louis – on last Friday morning. Wilson and other officers were called to the area where the deadly incident occurred after the Ferguson police had received a 911 call. The 911 call reported that there had been a strong-arm robbery a little before noon. Following the emergency call, a dispatcher gave a description of the robbery suspect. Wilson was assisting with another incident on another call when he was sent to investigate the strong-arm robbery.

Reportedly, Wilson – who has been on the police force for six years – came up upon Brown just after noon, at approximately 12:01 p.m. A second officer arrived on the scene some three minutes later. Chief Jackson’s announcement has been received with disbelieve as well as anger by many community members who attended the news conference. Protesters started marching around the vicinity of the news conference, into the streets, while chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot! What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

Police insist that Brown was shot after the officer encountered him and another man on the street. They have stated that one of the men pushed the policeman into his squad car, physically assaulted him, and struggled with the officer over the officer’s weapon. At least one gun shot was fired while inside the police car and then the conflict fell onto the street – where Brown was shot multiple times.

Dorian Johnson says he and Brown were simply walking in the street when the officer told them to get out of the street. He claims that the officer grabbed his friend’s neck and tried to pull him into the police car. Then, he insists, the officer brandished his gun and started shooting. Brown, according to Johnson, started to run and the officer pursued him while firing several shots. According to Yahoo! News, unrest in the community continues.

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