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Darren Wilson, policeman who shot Michael Brown: Photo revealed (Photo)

Darren Wilson receives award at Ferguson, Missouri City Council Meeting on Feb. 11, 2014
Facebook/ John Wilson

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, named on Friday by Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson as the officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Missouri, earned a commendation for extraordinary effort in the line of duty recently. The honored officer received the award according to the minutes of a Ferguson City Council meeting on Feb. 11 of this year, says Yahoo! News on Saturday. The discovery was linked to a Facebook photo and comments posted by Wilson’s father at the time the honor was received.

With two photos of Darren Wilson, Wilson’s father John wrote that he is very proud of his son on receiving a Commendation from his Police Department. “Congratulations Son,” he wrote. One photo shows 28-year-old Wilson shaking hands with the Ferguson Police Chief, Thomas Jackson, while receiving the award. In the second photograph, Darren Wilson is seen smiling after receiving the award, apparently returning to his seat at the city council meeting where he was honored. He has been with the Ferguson Police Department of four years - and a total of six years as a Missouri officer. Jackson described Wilson, during the news conference regarding the case, as an excellent officer.

In investigating the story, Yahoo! News says that the Facebook page where the photos and comments were discovered has been deactivated. It was taken down shortly after Yahoo! News first published the original story. Yahoo! News also tried to contact the parents by telephone. In so doing, Darren Wilson’s step-mother Tonya Wilson reportedly answered the phone. Her only comment before hanging up on Yahoo! News was to say that they are not talking to anybody. She concluded by saying, “Thank you.” A follow-up text requesting the name of Darren Wilson’s attorney did not receive a response.

It is also reported that John Wilson, the officer’s father, used Facebook to get support for his son – without referring to his son by name. He wrote that his family is in need of prayers to be sent up for a family member. He wrote that circumstances do not allow for them to say anything further. Yet, he asserted, please pray with our family in mind and please put a covering of protection over our family member. Many people offered online encouragement, for which the father was grateful. John Wilson’s last post quoted a Texas evangelical pastor by stating that when something is out of control it is merely out of your control – not God’s.

As far as Darren Wilson is concerned, his home has had heavy police presence, according to neighbors in the Crestwood suburb southwest of downtown Ferguson where Wilson lives. He and his family have not been in his home for the past several days, according to the Washington Post. The officer has been placed on paid leave pending the various investigations into the shooting of Michael Brown.

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