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Darren Wilson incident report missing

Darren Wilson
Nex Millenniun Press

Ferguson, Missouri – Officer Darren Wilson, the policeman who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown more than six times, raises new questions about his integrity. On-paid-leave Wilson has yet to file an incident report about the homicide he committed. His failure to follow long established police procedures cast further clouds on an investigation worthy of an Academy Award for bringing back the raucous comedy of the Keystone Kops; except, in this movie, no one is laughing. Michael Brown’s mother appears almost daily with tears as wet today as the day her son was gunned down just feet from her home.

Speculations of a cover-up and smear campaign arose the day Ferguson Police Captain Thomas Jackson released Darren Wilson’s name as the officer who allegedly shot Michael Brown while he was on his knees and posing no threat. Minutes into the press conference, Capt. Jackson released the details of an incident citing Brown as the perpetrator of a strong –arm robbery of a convenience store. The disclosure of an ostensibly unrelated report was quickly deemed by some in media and residents of Ferguson as an attempt to sully Michael Brown’s character.

When asked why he conflated a robbery with a homicide, Capt. Jackson said, “All I did was release the video tape because I had to.” Minutes later Jackson admitted that the connection was tenuous at best because Officer Darren Wilson was unaware of the robbery when he confronted Brown in the street as he walked to his mother’s home.

While Capt. Jackson’s motives remain in question, he was definitely under pressure from two lawsuits filed by the ACLU of Missouri: one "sunshine" request seeking the release of the police incident report about Michael Brown's death, and another that sought to protect the rights of citizens and journalists to videotape police activity.

Legal professionals interviewed by most media find the grand jury convened by prosecutor Robert P. McCulloch on Wednesday specious. He announced his intent to have Officer Darren Wilson testify before the grand jury on his own behalf. Although having a defendant before a grand jury is not unprecedented, it is certainly unusual to have one without a detail incident report for a panel to consider as they try to reach a decision to indict or not. A quasi, incident report was issued Thursday by the Ferguson Police Department but it has little more than the names of the principals: Michael Brown and Darren Wilson.

Attorney General Eric Holder coming to Ferguson may give hope of justice being served in a case that already has the making of a cover- up.

In the meantime, Darren Wilson continues on paid leave, despite shirking his responsibility to file a report. This is a slap across the faces of Ferguson residents who pay his salary

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