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Darren Wilson did not suffer 'orbital blowout fracture'

Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, but was he justified in doing so?
Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, but was he justified in doing so?
Crime Scene Media;Used with permission

Ferguson, Missouri: The media has been fast-reporting the supposed injuries suffered by Officer Darren Wilson when he fatally shot Michael Brown. Now there are reports indicating that the alleged source of these claims may be a notorious liar. Also, it's been confirmed in this Thursday afternoon report that the police officer did not suffer an orbital blowout fracture, like what the political blogger previously spread. This misinformation is now soaring through the internet, with people already choosing sides in this tense case -- citing that the officer was "completely justified," as they are so quick to believe that he was nearly beaten to death. Contrary to the false reports, Darren Wilson only suffered some swelling in his face. His X-rays came back showing that he suffered no serious injuries in the altercation that left 18-year-old Michael Brown dead in the street.

It was previously reported, thanks to the false reporting of The Gateway Pundit, that Officer Wilson was almost beaten to death -- or at the least nearly knocked unconscious -- before he shot Michael Brown to death. However, he was physically assaulted by the man, who was walking down the street after just committing strong-arm robbery at a convenience store. Darren Wilson tried to get out of his vehicle to talk to the young man, but he was rushed and slammed back into the car as Brown slammed the cruiser door. This is according to multiple witnesses, who also say that Michael Brown leaned into the car and began beating the officer. Even though Wilson didn't sustain life-threatening injuries, there is very little doubt about the many witness reports that place him as a victim who took necessary measures to save his own life as an officer of the law.

The divisive nature of this case is without a doubt as intense as the division caused by the shooting of Trayvon Martin. However, the stark difference between these two cases is that George Zimmerman is not a police officer who shot someone who possibly attempted to disarm him. Darren Wilson is a police officer, and attacking an officer with or without weapons -- especially attempting to disarm an officer -- will likely have fatal consequences regardless of race. Nonetheless, this case has brought out the worst of the worst in society: The people who use the death of a young black man as a platform for preaching racial bigotry, ignorance and political divisiveness.