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Darren McFadden signs another 1 year contract with Oakland Raiders

Darren McFadden has signed another one year contract for $4 mill. with the Oakland Raiders
Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

On March 11 shares that Darren McFadden has signed another one year contract with the Oakland Raiders for $4 mill. Originally, it was thought that there would be a lot of interest in free agency, but his signing on for another year suggests that there wasn't much of a market.

Keeping McFadden became more important to the Raiders team when running back Rashad Jennings signed on with NY Giants this season. However, because of McFadden's injury history, it is likely that the team will be looking for another back in free agency or the draft.

McFadden has not been doing so hot the last couple of seasons, suffering from injury after injury. He's only been averaging 3.3 yards per carry over the last couple seasons. This year, he is really going to have to prove himself if he expects to stay on the team. However, fans thought that was going to be the case last year as well, but he's still seemingly being paid on the promise of a good game.

Last year, Jennings outplayed McFadden during the season, but he was traded, nonetheless. Hopefully McFadden can get it together and get things worked out for himself so that he can play his best and stay in the game.

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