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Darren McFadden signs 1-year contract and Rashad Jennings leaves the Raiders

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Darren McFadden stays and Rashad Jennings leaves the Oakland Raiders. The Raider Nation is wondering what the heck general manager Reggie McKenzie is doing. Is this good or not?

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For as much as the Raider Nation wanted Rashad Jennings to stay with the Silver and Black, the wish never happened. It was reported on Wednesday that Jennings, before signing with the Giants, had tweeted that he was going to sign with New York behind McKenzie’s back.

If that is the case, then Jennings should leave. The article insinuated that Jennings was more interested in the money and apparently the Giants gave him what the Raiders could not.

Why didn’t McKenzie offer more than the Giants? It sounds like Reggie McKenzie did not offer a nice pay; however, if Rashad Jennings is going to tweet things behind the team’s back, then it is better that he leaves the team.

As for Darren McFadden, well he is back for another year. He signed a 1-year contract for $4 million. Half of it is incentives and only $100,000 is guaranteed.

So, injury prone McFadden stayed with the Raiders while explosive Jennings left. Is McKenzie trying to save money again for next year? This is a major hit for the Oakland Raiders, so the only explanation is that the move was a money-saving one. What else?

Maybe Reggie McKenzie will draft a running back after getting a quarterback in April. Hopefully it will happen in that order, right? Who knows?

So far, the moves have not been good for the Oakland Raiders, especially by letting Rashad Jennings go and giving injury-galore Darren McFadden another chance.