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Darren Collison agrees to 3-year $16 million deal with Sacramento Kings

Collison makes layup for Clippers
Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings and Darren Collison have agreed to terms for a new NBA contract on Thursday. This will be a great 4th of July for the very replaceable point guard. According to Ken Berger, the deal is reportedly worth 3-years $16 million, with no player or team options.

With Darren Collison coming into the Kings organization, it looks like Isaiah Thomas might be on the outside looking in. While Thomas isn’t the best player on the Kings’ roster, he is the most dynamic scorer from the point guard position. He averaged 20 points per game with Sacramento last season. Currently, Isaiah Thomas is a restricted free agent.

If the Kings want to pay big money to keep Thomas in the fold, there will be plenty of room for Collison and Thomas to form a formidable duo. However, the move seems like the Kings expect Thomas to receive an offer too rich for their liking.

Darren Collison will be on his fifth team in six NBA seasons. He’s never averaged fewer than 10 points per game and is shooting 46 percent from the field in his young career. However, once a player is moved early in his career, he never gets to set his roots down in one place.

Basically, the NBA says that Darren Collison is disposable, but he may finally have a chance to run a team on a full time basis. However, that’s only if Thomas finds himself in a new city.

Earlier in the week, Kyle Lowry agreed to stay with the Toronto Raptors. He also moved around a lot early in his career, but now has a chance to spend at least five years in one spot. Sometimes success is closer to home than you realize.

For now, it’s a wait and see game with Isaiah Thomas.


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