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Darkest Before Dawn: Waiting for Halo's E3 2014 Debut

The Waiting Game

The leaky faucet of Halo info has dried up as of late. There have been no updates on the game from Microsoft or developer 343 Industries in quite some time. The only news we have received was from Microsoft assuring Halo fans that 343i will have something to share at E3 2014 in June. It is late March. Of course Halo info at E3 was a no-brainer. In fact, when Halo for Xbox One was revealed last E3, we were promised by 343i’s Bonnie Ross that we would get more info on the project next E3. At the time, fans assumed we’d get a bit more info in between. The only solid info we have received is in the form of a piece of Concept art from 343i’s Sparth, and a wealth of unsubstantiated rumors.

Five Long Years

To pass the time, 343i have released a comic series published by Dark Horse called Halo Escalation. So far, it has proved to be an excellent addition to Halo’s cannon. The latest entry due out at the end of the month is being particularly awaited. Halo Escalation Issue 4 will feature the triumphant return of the Spirit of Fire, last seen in 2009’s Halo Wars, an RTS that was set in the early days of the Human Covenant War after the loss of the human colony Harvest. After disposing of the Ship’s slip space drive to escape an exploding Shield World, the Spirit of Fire and her crew were set adrift never to be heard from until now. In Halo’s timeline, the ship will have been lost for roughly 30 years, for Halo Warsfans it’s been a five year wait to discover the fate of the Spirit of fire and her crew. A Preview of the Issue 4 should release soon on the Dark Horse comics website.

Community Creations

To ease the pain of waiting, Halo Waypoint Forum member Sir Boobington is back with his creative writing Event. Submissions for April’s event are “open submission” meaning fans can write about whatever aspect of the Halo universe they wish. Sir Boobington has a tentative topics schedule that you can read here. If you’re interested in submitting a work, you must be a member of Halo Waypoint.

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