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Darkening skies follow OKC first tornado warning of the season APRIL 13, 2014

Oklahoma City has first tornado warning of the season
Oklahoma City has first tornado warning of the season

Darkening skies. Blowing and raining. The smell of dampening dust as the drops fall. Less than an hour after this post on Twitter, Keaton Fox ‏@keatonfox Tornado watch just issued until 8pm central. Includes most of central Oklahoma. Standby for map. #okwx (1:56p) the sky is moving from sunny to hazy and the wind, which has been at it all day, is now audible in gusts bending treetops. National Weather Service says hail up to 2 inches and winds up to 70mph

Here's a fast flipper map, which notes major cities and then counties. Most Oklahoma weather is given by counties, given the mostly rural nature of the state.

Oklahomans always have an eye on the skies, "Weather Aware" they call it. Calls for community leaders to be on alert and begin to provide resource education about disaster preparedness. Residents of some areas are more likely to be attentive to this process by history. Moore, El Reno and Yukon are town names that come to mind.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric (environmental/weather center) has a new alerts phone package.

Most locals know which streets to avoid for the basics of curb overflow issues with rainwater. As a heads up to visitors or newcomers to OKC, Oklahoma also has issues with full blown flash flooding this time of year, Here is an example of the OKLAHOMA RIVER from last year (which is central to OKLAHOMA CITY)