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Dark Walk Haunted Camp Tour 2014

The owners of Dark Walk invited me over to the Channel 3 Kid's Camp for a photo shoot last year. These are some of costumed characters and buildings.
The owners of Dark Walk invited me over to the Channel 3 Kid's Camp for a photo shoot last year. These are some of costumed characters and buildings.
Lauren Middleton

Signs of autumn in New England are slowly starting to appear...

The Dark Walk is a terrifying haunted attraction Andover that never dissapoints.
Lauren Middleton

Head to your local bar and you'll notice they have various pumpkin micro brews on tap. Stores are starting to stock Halloween costume items. Soon tickets will go on sale for the many theatrical haunted houses around the state. These places offer thrill seekers a chance to get scared out of their wits by costumed actors with props.

There is one theatrical haunted walk that is a particular favorite of mine; The Dark Walk Haunted Camp Tour. This spectacularly written and terrifying event starts Friday, October 11th and runs on the dates October 17, 18th and 24th . It all takes place at The Channel 3 Kid's Camp in Andover, Connecticut. (73 Times Farm Road Andover, CT 06232)

The folks that run Dark Walk donate 100% of the proceeds to the camp, which provides year round recreational and educational programs for all children. With recent donations, the camp has been able to become an all inclusive camp. Children with disabilities are able to come and enjoy all the it has to offer. Dark Walk has raised an incredible amount of money for them in the past and they hope to do it again this year.

The story...

Professor A. Nachtleiter researches a 13 year gap in the camp's history and these are his findings...
A mill owner has been seeking a way to transfer the souls of his factory workers that were gravely ill from the consumption plague. There was a voodoo ritual he had learned about while traveling abroad. One could transfer a soul of a living human being into a soulless doll. With the knowledge he had obtained, he performed the ritual on a dying worker. It was surprising success. The mill owner had transferred the rest of the worker's souls into dolls.

The mill workers were understandably disturbed by what had happened.They became extremely unruly when they learned of their fate of working against their will for eternity. The mill worker devised a plan with a local doctor and scientist to remove the worker's brains to calm them. This never happened because the mill owner was found murdered and the mill was burned to the ground before it could occur. With the professor around, all is not well within the camp's gates, there are rumors that Nachtleiter has discovered something that many want to stay hidden...

This year's story will be a continuation with new surprises. I experienced the walk last year and can guarantee it is one of a kind and terrifying experience. The folks that put this haunted attraction on come from all walks of life and are extremely talented people. They will not disappoint you. Tickets will go on sale soon, if you would like more information about Dark Walk, please visit or visit

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