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'Dark Souls II' shows the dev's dark intentions

Dark Souls II fans will be happy to see that even the development team is up for a little bit of punishment in the latest developer diary. The 7 minute video takes comments from director Yui Tanimura, voice actor Peter Serafinowicz and art director Daisuke Stake about their roles in the game. Most importantly, From Software released this diary going over the themes of the game and why they are important to the development team as well as the players.

'Dark Souls II' has some serious dark intentions
Bandai Namco

The main thing to take away from the developer diary is that the team understands what makes the Souls games great and that is important for fans of the series. The story will be surrounding what looks like a similar curse to the previous games that will be recognizable. The video also talks about Dark Soul's unique disconnect from other players in the world that made the past game so genuinely different. Finally the team understands the intense difficulty and the joy of overcoming the challenges that must be present to make a Dark Souls game great. Building the game off of these pillars the team would then go forward and sometimes not even have a story surrounding an area until later in the development cycle making gameplay the focus of the upcoming title.

Dark Souls II will be released on March 11th on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles with a PC version to come later. For more information on Dark Souls and anything gaming related, head over to GameOn. To see more from Ryan hit the subscribe button at the top of the page and follow on twitter for more article updates, videos, podcasts and streams on Twitch. Sound off in the comments below if the dev diary did anything to pursued, or detract you from the upcoming dark hole that is Dark Souls II.

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