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‘Dark Souls II’ Curse trailer spotlights delightfully abhorrent enemies

"Your wings will burn in anguish. Time after time. For that is your fate; the fate of the Cursed."

Dark Souls II

So ends the newest 'Dark Souls II' trailer: on a bit of a depressing note, but one that summarizes the 'Dark Souls' experience quite nicely.

The Curse trailer lets loose a few quips and hints at story here and there - but that's not quite why we're here, now is it? Still, it's probably worth a mention. The protagonist of the original 'Dark Souls' was named the Chosen Undead, but this time it appears he or she will simply be called the Cursed.

Going off of the quote about the wings, it appears 'Dark Souls II' may draw some influences from the infamous Greek tale of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun, causing his wings to melt and him to fall to the sea.

He drowned.

In 'Dark Souls II,' there will be plenty of "wing melting." And by that, I mean "dying." Plenty of dying. There will be no drowning though - unless the player chooses to quit out of rage rather than persevere and tough it out as was common in the first game. The Cursed gets to revive to try again all they want. Poor Icarus did not have that choice - for better or worse.

Who will be melting these proverbial wings of the Cursed? Why, the trailer shows many fine suitors from the kingdom of Drangleic who are willing to accept that offer.

We've got a massive, Diablo-looking abomination bursting out of the lava that looks like he could melt wings with ease. Then there's a grey, lanky and spiky fellow that looks just like the Regenerator from 'Resident Evil 4,' except much larger and with a wooden pillar protruding from the back of its chest. He/it looks like it would have no qualms with melting the player's wings. With its stomach acids.

If those weren't enough enemy designs that look richly inspired from other games, take a look at what appears to be Legion from the 'Castlevania' series - a slew of struggling corpses attached together as if by superglue forming a hellish, living monstrosity. He'd be down for some wing melting for sure.

The designs may look similar - if only slightly - but these enemies are certain to pack a punch in actual gameplay. When it comes to killing players swiftly and without remorse, no enemies can outdo 'Dark Souls.' Frustrating deaths and embarrassing punishment await! At least, until players bangs their heads against the wall long enough to figure out the way to take them down in a satisfying blaze of glory.

One can hope.

So the trailer was mostly about the grotesque and intimidating monsters looking to kill you. What about the players themselves? Anything new for them? Well, the only noticeable real feature was...capes! That's right. A new addition not present in the original 'Dark Souls' is the ability to wear capes. Presumably, they come with a fantastic physics engine all of their own to prevent horrible clipping issues with weapons sheathed on the back. One can hope.

A new reign of pseudo-masochism begins March 11 in North America when FromSoftware releases 'Dark Souls II' for PS3 and Xbox 360 (PC version to come later). It should be noted that the game will not be coming out for the next generation consoles. It's a fact that will cause the wings of some people to burn in anguish, but at least the PC version will be there. Soon. You know, for any early adopters of next gen that sold away their old PS3 or Xbox 360.

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