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Dark Souls enjoys your tears

For those who are avid gamers, the title Dark Souls has made several shiver in their gaming chairs. Known for the taglines, "love your deaths," and "prepare to die," Dark Souls is just one of those titles that stays with a player for quite the long while.

Dark Souls was created by Software and published by Bandai Namco games. The game-play was rumored to be excruciatingly hard, with a learning curve that would turn most players away from even attentive play. Deaths were numerous, infuriating and quick to come by. That was the appeal. Dark Souls difficulty and rewards were pulling hardcore gamers into the fold, the great feeling of relief of downing a boss or finally reaching the next bonfire being the force that drove them cautiously on. And as one would think, the bosses and levels only get harder as a player continues on. Here is going to be a content and strategy walk through for some players.

Life of an undead isn't easy. So, when a fellow undead helps in busting a character created protagonist out of jail only to run head long into the game's first boss, things look pretty bleak. The asylum demon is a large hulking thing that wields an even bigger and disgusting looking weapon. Defeating him comes with quick reflexes and a good aerial stab on the way down. Upon killing it, the new and adventurous character is carried a way by a enormous raven and dropped into his or her destiny of determining the fate of all undead.

The ride with the raven drops the character into the second bonfire of the game and the first interactions with some npcs. This is the Firelink shrine, a middle ground where some characters go to gather and others save on their way to new areas.

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