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‘Dark Souls 2’ soul farming method and Shrine of Winter glitch revealed

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Players have discovered several exploits in regards to the recently-released multiplatform video game, “Dark Souls 2.” According to a report from Kotaku on April 3, a boss from the open-world action role-playing game can be defeated relatively easy. By beating the Old Iron King and using the Bonfire Ascetic item, players can quickly earn a large amount of souls.

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The method will allow the players to unlock the Shrine of Winter without the need of obtaining the four Old Souls from other bosses. Players can simply pay the expensive fee of one million regular souls to unlock the door.

Alternatively, they could bypass the gateway by performing a sequence of jumps. Although From Software managed to fix the geometry glitch with a patch, PS3 and Xbox 360 players can delete the title updates from the system in order to skip through a large portion of the campaign in “Dark Souls 2.” Some competitive individuals are using the glitch in an attempt to set a new speed run records.

In addition to plugging up the exploit, the patches have also fixed several ongoing issues along with adding some balancing changes with the software product, which came out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 last month. You can find some screens from “Dark Souls 2,” which is also set to arrive for the PC on April 25, with the slideshow to the left of this article.

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