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'Dark Souls 2' PC release date revealed as April 25

Dark Souls II logo
Dark Souls II logo

For a while, PC fans of 'Dark Souls II' had one question constantly on their mind. When exactly would the game release on PC? Amazon and other retailers featured only unofficial placeholder dates. Today, a solid answer has finally arrived.

Thanks to the 'Dark Souls' Facebook page, the speculation can finally end. The official statement says that 'Dark Souls II' will launch for PC and Steam on April 25th.

This means about a month-and-a-half wait for PC fans compared with console fans. The console versions of the game will launch on March 11th in North America. Keep in mind the console releases will only be on "last-gen" consoles: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A 'Dark Souls' game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 remains a pipe dream yet.

The PC delay is not in vain. It will have its own unique advantages, including higher texture resolution and enhanced frame rate options. Thus the game will, in theory, look and perform better on a PC than on console, provided one's PC is powerful enough to handle the task. Pre-orders via Steam will also receive a digital soundtrack, official art book in PDF form, and digital comic book.