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'Dark Souls 2' may be working on 'Demon's Souls' successor for PS4

'Dark Souls 2' on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
'Dark Souls 2' on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
Photo courtesy of Bandai Namco Games, used with permission

From Software, the studio behind the recently-released "Dark Souls 2," is already working on another video game. According to a report from Gaming Everything on May 2, several details and screen captures were leaked in regards to a software product with a tentative title of "Project Beast." The development team was previously rumored to be working on a spiritual successor to "Demon's Souls" exclusively for the PS4.

According to the leak, From Software appears to be collaborating with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio in the production of "Project Beast." The screen captures showed a similar dark and dreary setting found in "Dark Souls 2" and the other previous games in the series. Among the creatures that were shown so far includes samurais and demonic dogs. To fight off against these enemies, the player can be seen using a shotgun as well as a Pyromancy spell that results in a huge fireball. A text also appeared, vaguely saying that something is a "nightmare."

It is unknown how the trailer was leaked. However, Sony Computer Entertainment may have been getting ready to show off "Project Beast" at the upcoming E3 2014 event, which takes place early next month. Unfortunately for the company, it appears that one of the surprises may have been revealed in advance. The involvement of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio with the development of the game suggests that the upcoming game would likely stay exclusive to the PS4. After making "Demon's Souls" exclusively for the PS3, From Software decided to develop "Dark Souls" and "Dark Souls 2" on multiple platforms.

Although "Project Beast" does not have an official release date, it may take some time as the development team just released "Dark Souls 2." The sequel came out on March 11 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well as April 25 for the PC. You can find a screen of the recently-launched game from the official Bandai Namco Games Facebook page with the image near the top of this article.