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‘Dark Souls 2’ invasion and other covenant elements discussed

‘Dark Souls 2’ invasion and other covenant elements discussed
‘Dark Souls 2’ invasion and other covenant elements discussed
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Takeshi Miyazoe has provided several new details regarding the covenant system of “Dark Souls 2,” which is being released later this year for multiple systems. According to a report from Complex on Jan. 26, the producer stated being invaded by another player is “part of the game.” As a result, those who get raided should treat the opposition as an enemy that “just happens to be controlled” by a real-life individual.

Takeshi Miyazoe went on to mention that using the covenant system is a good way to ward off invaders. You can check out a set of screenshots from “Dark Souls 2” in the slideshow to the left of this article and the comments below (courtesy of Complex and Edge Online):

This is going to sound a little bit rude, but being invaded is part of the game. It’s like an enemy in the game that just happens to be controlled by another player. The Covenants system is a good way to be helped.

“Dark Souls 2” features a variety of covenants that players can join. The group ties into the play style of the multiplayer battles in the open-world action-role-playing game. Some covenants are made for more cooperative individuals while others cater to competitive individuals.

The sequel features a unique online multiplayer as it takes place within the video game without the need of menus. When connected online, players can summon the help of others while being vulnerable to invasions at the same time.

“Dark Souls 2” should be released on March 11th for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the United States. The PC version is also in development for release at a later time.