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‘Dark Souls 2’ graphics and frame rate improvement details revealed

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The new graphics engine being used for “Dark Souls 2” has been further detailed. According to an article by The Official Xbox Magazine on Jan. 4, the frame rate has been significantly improved when being compared to the first game.

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The website noted that the engine ran smoothly even with a lot of enemies and special effects appearing on screen at once. One example that was used is a fight against the Skeleton Kings, who will shattered into smaller enemies upon defeat. The frame rate never wavered in this sequence.

The “Souls” series are often plagued with slowdown issues due to the huge amount of resources used to render a huge area with an abundance of enemies. The most infamous cases were the Valley of Defilement in “Demon’s Souls” and Blighttown in the original “Dark Souls.”

For “Dark Souls 2,” however, Form Software decided to update the graphics engine in order to sort out the performance issues. As a result, the action role-playing game is expected to run at a constant 30 frames per second on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The PC version should be able to reach 60 frames under the right configurations.

Fans should be able to see the graphics improvements when “Dark Souls 2” will be released for the three platforms in the month of March. You can find some screens of the sequel in the gallery to the left of this article.