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Dark Son Shines in Texas

Runaway Sun of Houston, TX
Runaway Sun of Houston, TX

Sometimes the darkest of chords shine brighter than the sun ... It happens whenever you combine the right musicians with the right influences, thus you have Runaway Sun. This Houston based band led by Andrew Karnavas has rich tones that display the love for their musical forefathers and a stage presence that matches.

The group has a balanced mix of rock, blues and country that produces a distinct Texas sound, yet very unique with chords that can be melancholy at times and funky at other. And with a LP like 'The Bridge' on the streets it would be easy to imagine these guys on the road with some heavy hitters … Chris Cornell comes to mind. But don't think for a minute that this band will stay contained to the Lone Star state, Runaway Sun has shows currently booked in Alabama, Florida and New York.

They played to a packed room Saturday night at Houston's legendary Continental Club with Ben Mallott of Austin opening the show … A great combination. Mallott played a combo set of various sounds from his own to Cash to Talking Heads before Runaway Sun took the stage. Sporting one of two Gibson SGs Karnavas set the tone early on letting the crowd know he meant business, his lead guitarist Daniel de Luna proved he knows his way around a Telecaster as well with heavy influences drifting through the air of Santana and Hendrix.

Collectively the sound of their new LP is refreshing and will remind you that there is a lot of talent to be heard & seen around Texas. When asked about remaining in Houston vs. defecting to Austin Karnavas assured me his home is in H'town. Mark one on the board for us please. But you can bet that with a great band like Runaway Sun, Austin based groups will likely appear beside them on the bill … Even better for Houston, make that two points.

You can follow these guys on Twitter via @AndrewKarnavas @RunawaySun and @BenMallott

Rock On!

Henry von Wolffe


  • J.R. Cohen 5 years ago

    Nice write up Henry! RunAway Sun is clearly on their way to make great strides in the music industry. The excitement and support of their fans is ever growing, especially after they annouced their gig in NYC.

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