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'Dark Knight' star Aaron Eckhart talks 'I Frankenstein' working out and dieting

Aaron Eckhart made a name for himself as the unforgettable Harvey Dent aka Two Face in Dark Knight and stars as the Frankenstein monster in an adaptation of a graphic novel called I, Frankenstein.

Aaron Eckhart discusses 'I Frankenstein' and getting in shape for the role

“I don’t know where this lumbering idiot came from. In the book, he’s extremely articulate, he’s sensitive, he’s a quick learner,” Eckhart tells The Post in a Jan. 19 interview.

“I mean, Frankenstein has gotten a bad rap.”

Eckhart stars as Adam, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, who never died in the sequences portrayed in previous works. Instead, Adam is caught in a centuries-old battle between gargoyles and demons. He’s not green, nor does he have bolts in his neck.

“This is so different,” says Eckhart. “We’re kind of the next chapter in terms of what would happen if he were roaming the Earth forever. How does a man who’s been cast out by his father, called an abortion — an aberration — now trust somebody?”

One major difference not mentioned: the monster has a killer six-pack.

Although Eckhart says, “I haven’t been to the gym in years, so I work out every morning — I throw rocks and dig holes and jump over stuff [and] I’m also a road cyclist.”

He also quit cigars this year after coming down with pneumonia and he’s been on a diet.

“Yesterday, I was doing some shopping and I had to tear myself away from getting a large pizza,” he says. “I literally had to wrench myself out of the pizza place. I didn’t eat at all until I got home — I had put some yams in the oven earlier that morning. So I had cold yam.”

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I, Frankenstein opens in theaters January 24, 2014.

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