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Dark electronic dance songs for Las Vegas goth and industrial fans

Dance music does not always have to be upbeat and happy-go-lucky, in fact, sometimes the best dance music for the night ends up being deep, dark and dripping with goth.

When you are ready to cue up the tunes to call up a dark dance party or get ready for a night out in Las Vegas goth or industrial dance clubs, make sure to check out these exquisite vintage and indie dark dance tracks to get your doom mojo going.

Awesome Goth and Industrial Dance Tracks

Android Lust - Check out Visceral Stimulation and Heathen on the album Resolution (1998) and Fall to Fragments on the album The Dividing (2003). Android Lust is the goth/industrial/experimental electro/classic instrumental solo project of an inspiring artist who goes by Shikhee.

Razed in Black - If you are looking for a dark industrial track that makes you feel like your head is being pounded with awesome, check out Cyberium (On Speed) from the Razed in Black 1996 Cleopatra Records release called Shrieks, Laments, and Anguished Cries.

KMFDM - What can somewhat accurately be described as a singalong, industrial pride dance anthem, Megalomaniac, is a must-dance that appeared as a spooky and driving dance track on the Mortal Kombat II soundtrack and some KMFDM greatest hits releases.


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