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Dark Chocolate Can Melt Away Your Stress

Cherry Cordials Dark
Cherry Cordials Dark

A study found eating dark chocolate can actually lower the levels of your stress hormones... A month ago, I was feeling stressed out doing too may things at once and rushing my way out to do my Improve comedy rehearsal.

And we all know when we have too many tasks, while we take too many responsibilities on ourselves, we do add pressure equal stress, and as I was on my way out, I reached out to my dark chocolate and took a bight, and I as soon as I did that, I have realized that I am melting away, feeling great, and yet as I was feeling relaxed, I notice a wave of energy boosting within me.... and when I came home I was still energized and ready with my mission, of multi tasks.

First I contacted Lavi's Mother Yulia, who live in a small town in Israel, were confronted with every parents nightmare: their third child, Lavi the three months old, was diagnosed with Canavan Disease. Today Lavi is eighteen months and I am helping with the Fundraising To Save Lavi's Life...., not only that I was up until late sending him distances energy healing, I was doing other things too.

So If It wasn't for the dark chocolate that cheered me right up by lowering my stress hormone level, as I was doing my own little research, that I have learned about this study that provides strong evidence that a daily consumption of 40 grams [1.4 ounces] during a period of two weeks is sufficient to modify the metabolism of healthy human volunteers, shared by researchers, from the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland.

We all love chocolate, and we must know that dark chocolate appeared help in correcting other imbalances in the body that are related anxiety and or stress.

And I know what you thinking... isn't chocolate makes people gain weight? Of course it does, that is if you over eat it, but not If it's only 40 grams a day for stress reduction and more thing, dark chocolate is great to get your female partner in the mood, If you know what I mean, so guys, If your female partner says, "Honey, I am not in the mood", don't forget to offer them a yummy dark chocolate... yes it take that makes you feel better, scientists pointed out that dark chocolate contains antioxidants, and that mean, they are actually much beneficial to our health, and other substances that seems to reduce the risk of heart disease and other health conditions.

Ok, I am not saying that all you have to do is to eat chocolate and all your stress will be melted or gone, and all I am saying is that chocolate can certainly reduce the tension and in many cases leave you with a better feelings.

You must understand that stress is also psychological, for example before an exam, public speaking, I know times that I use to feel this way with every blind date, or before an exam, and people experience stress differently, what may stress you may not stress me, but it happens to each and everyone of us.

In my situation I find stresses being helpful, since it helps me to finish what ever I have procrastinated about.

Stress is not healthy when it gets out of hands, since then it starts affecting your ultimate health, such as having a high blood sugar, higher cholesterol and it can increase the risk of diseases as a result of depression, which can be manifested as a heart disease and or other serious problems. More like stress-related illness aka post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops after child birth, a traumatic event even also be from early event or childhood event, such as physical or sexual assault, war, and even from a natural disaster.

Beside dark chocolate, people with chronic stress, are advised to see their physician and to work with professionals such psychologist, psychiatrist, cognitive therapists, hypnotherapist and energy healers.

Hypnosis can help with relaxation, anxiety and stress reduction, boosting up motivation, self esteem confidence, and healing, by helping client to understand the underlying problem or issues. So they can re invent a new positive you...

To stay healthy, make sure to apply some good dark chocolate to melt away your stress, followed with exercise, better eating habit and more, which even with this area hypnosis is a great way to change negative old habits.


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