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Dark August just got darker for the Democrats

Obama faces disaster at the polls in November
Obama faces disaster at the polls in November
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The bad news keeps coming for Democrats and President Obama in August. According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll Monday, the voting electorate is ready for Republicans to take control of the Senate and retain the House.

The poll showed that 43 percent want to see Republicans running both houses of Congress, while 41 percent favor Democrats running both chambers. Although the numbers appear to be close, in midterm elections, the party not in power can usually add a few points before November at this point.

The key question respondents were asked was whether they felt Congress had been productive or unproductive in its current session. Three-quarters of those polled found Congress “unproductive.” Fifty percent responded by saying “very unproductive.”

The current Congress could become the least productive in the modern era. It is a huge factor in the recent poll, according to NBC News.

The ironic part of the poll is more respondents declared themselves Democrats than Republicans. However, more of those polled wanted to see Republicans hold the majorities in both houses of Congress.

A changing of the guard in Washington is becoming more evident by the week. The DNC is anxious to change the subject and has sent out Democrats to talk up impeachment speculation. Their strategy is enough potential voters will blame Republicans and find the president a sympathetic figure.

Time is running out for that to become a reality. Republicans are content to let things go the way they are going until the midterm elections causing as little friction as possible. Meanwhile, President Obama deals with an assortment of political scandals, unpopular laws and a disastrous foreign policy.

The poll was conducted July 28-31 and involved 634 registered voters.

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