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Daringly doing dairy

According to the National Dairy Council, consuming three varieties of fat-free dairy products a day is crucial to the health of growing bones. It is recommended that people 9 years of age or older consume three daily servings of dairy and children who are 2 years of age or older should have the equivalent of 2 cups of low fat dairy daily. It is also noted that organic dairy products, or products where animals are allowed to graze instead of being given a solely grain based diet, tend to have a higher nutrient quality than most other types of dairy products.

Some great organic dairy brands to consider are products made by companies such as Horizon, Brown Cow, Redwood Hill Farm, and Stonyfield whose “milky masterpieces” are located on the shelves of markets such as Stop and Shop, Basic Foods in Hoboken, and Eden Foods also in Hoboken, as well as in New York. A few other markets that are known to carry these and other fine organic milk products are Whole Foods in Edgewater, New Jersey and coming soon to the Newport Mall area in Jersey City as well. Let us not forget John’s Natural Food in Bayonne either!

For those of you who like to take your shopping adventures onto the PATH trains, markets like LifeThyme between 8th and 9th streets in New York is a great bet, as well as Integral Yoga on West 13th street in the big apple!


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