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DARING to LIKE the Polar Freeze
Carrie Owings

I dared to say it! Yes, there are things to LIKE about these frigid conditions! If you can't be positive, take a gander at this list:

1st time, Packer Fans were glad to be watching TV football vs being there in the Frozen Tundra
The little furnace that could! A cousin in MN depicted a 90 degree difference @ -21... Wow!
Chill Soda or Wine in 5 minutes, no refrigerator needed…
Home experiments with the kids: bubbles, freeze snow globes, make instant popsicles, …
Knowing those stories my mom told about freezing your hand to the car handle are right…
No more mosquitoes and bugs… so no more bites!
Neighbors with Snow Blowers are more popular than the Kardashians…
Have you ever seen a size 2 Eskimo? That extra insulation might just have purpose…
Car Seat Warmers keep more from freezing than bums (pizza, water bottles, toes, hands,….)
Adoption Agencies can sell Cuddling Pets as Lap Warmers.
Automatic $$ savings, since no one wants to leave the house to eat or go out
(or reverse Save time with online connection-2014 Christmas presents are now purchased)
Grocery store stocks purchased PRIOR to the “Polar Vortex” are now your best investment!
Sorry P.E.T.A., FUR is still the first choice for warmth.
Realizing that chilling hardships created the invention of “Salt”, “Anti-Freeze”, “Stop Freeze“, …
Pay homage to water heaters, tea kettles, electric blankets, ….
Retiring the Paintball gun, since that infestation of Squirrels has finally hibernated.
As you’re stoking the fireplace with wood, that old fallen oak tree is well remembered …”
Singing “The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful… “ rings with truth.
When your son asks how he was born… “Well your dad wanted to stay warm so…
That time you re-enacted pioneer days, you realize the survival skills might come in handy…
What “To Do” list? At least for the inside of your house…
Forced family together time (scraping ice off the car doors so you can get in 
Did you know books can be downloaded from the public library?
Time to binge watch Downton Abbey (What! They killed off my favorite character….)
Exercise Routine is on target (can’t get away to avoid, and that extra shoveling is a bonus…)
Seeing Disney's "Frozen" for the 3rd time really does melt our icy hearts...
TEA is not just for the British any longer (soothing favorite found after sipping a dozen or so…)
One now understands “Cabin Fever” as depicted in “The Shining”
“Slip sliding away..” can become a reality.
Soup becomes a sumptuous supper luxury.
Dreaming how the predicted 34 degrees will feel like a sauna.
Grandma’s Crocheted Afghans and Bedspreads are sooooo warm.
Develop empathy for the scientists stuck down in Antarctica ice, or those incarcerated in Siberia.
Stars seem brighter in the crisper cooler air, or is it just that they pierce the darkness…
or we're hypothermic....
Brain vs Braun seem to get more notice and thought when one has to venture outside.....
“Be Still” becomes a reality when the electric grid necessitates black-outs.....
Now there’s a story to tell your grandkids “Back in 2014, we nearly froze when…”

Did you laugh at least at one item? What is something you can be THANKFUL for? Being POSITIVE for the New Year can only help our current frozen conditions... besides it will soon all melt!

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