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Daring Thief from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Daring Thief is one of the newest "Magic: The Gathering" cards spoiled today April 15, 2014 from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming expert expansion set "Journey Into Nyx" in an article by Bruce Richard on This rare blue creature card allows you to swap control of permanents with your opponent.

Daring Thief and friends
Wizards of the Coast
Daring Thief from "Journey Into Nyx" art
Wizards of the Coast

Daring Thief - 2U
Creature - Human Rogue (Rare)
Inspired - Whenever Daring Thief becomes untapped, you may exchange control of target nonland permanent you control and target permanent an opponent controls that shares a card type with it.
Honesty is the first casualty of war.

Giving your opponent small creature tokens seems the best way to gain the best value out of Daring Thief, as you'll come out ahead in card advantage. The 0/1 Elemental creature tokens created by Master of Waves will die when they change control over to your opponent, leaving your adversary with nothing. "But that's an expensive mythic rare Dave..." Akroan Horse can provide a steady stream of creature tokens to swap with your rival's best threats or if you're a bit wary about giving your opponent a blocker you can make 0/1 Goat creature tokens with Trading Post. Trading post also allows you to recur the aforementioned Akroan Horse or any other artifact creature you've swapped with an opponent and has then used as a chump blocker.

Of course using Daring Thief's Inspired ability requires it to first become tapped and then untapped. As a 2/3, chances are it's not going to survive combat in the mid to late game without a little help, however the best idea is to never let it cross into the red zone in the first place. Springleaf Drum will allow you to tap Daring Thief the turn it enters the battlefield under your control and Kiora's Follower can then immediately untap Daring Thief so that you can steal a permanent right away. Prophet of Kruphix will untap Daring Thief during your opponent's upkeep and shines in Commander where Daring Thief is an MVP alongside Zedruu the Greathearted.

Another idea might be to go red. You'll have access to Akroan Crusader, Young Pyromancer, Molten Birth, and Ral Zarek. Another card worth considering is Hammer of Purphoros which makes 3/3 colorless Golem enchantment artifact creature tokens. Granted they're a larger threat to give your opponent, you'll have the flexibility of stealing enchantments, artifacts, and creatures out of your excess lands in the late game.

How will you use Daring Thief?

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