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Darien Lake Concertgoers Earn Negative Spotlight

Brad Paisley on stage Saturday night
Brad Paisley on stage Saturday night
Brad Paisley - Twitter

GENESEE COUNTY, NY – It’s not uncommon for a long list of offenders to be found in the newspaper the day after a Darien Lake concert, but one recent event is drawing national attention.

The Brad Paisley H2O II Tour rolled into town last Saturday and had its fair share of arrestees, but the public intoxication, underage drinking, and physical altercations took the event to a new low.

After the show, Paisley tweeted “Quite a performance in Darien Lakes Saturday. We also played music,” while also posting a link to the local newspaper The Batavian, which listed the 70 offenders in their Sunday edition.

The tweet sparked national attention on Wednesday, when CMT columnist Alison Bonaguro wrote:

“People drink alcohol at concerts. Whether or not they are legally able to do so is another matter entirely. Maybe this will shame these people into thinking twice next time, before they pour vodka into their water bottle or smuggle beer under their miniskirts. (Yes, people do that.) And maybe they will consider the fact that they are risking getting in serious trouble AND disappointing the artist they've paid so much to go see.”

While this isn’t the first time a concert at the theme park has drawn attention for its lack of law-abiding citizens, it is among the first to receive national attention and criticism from the artist themselves.


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