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Dare to Be Aware Fair March 24 2012

Dare to Be Aware Fair Details
Dare to Be Aware Fair Details
Jill Baake

I have come to appreciate a community involvement in my own healing process and I wanted to share with my readers the magnificence and ease of having a group of healers ready to assist every type of person on their diverse personal journey to health and happiness. In this and the following articles I am going to use the term "healers" to convey a person who is assisting you in finding health and joy of mind, body, spirit, animal, home, etc. I consider myself a healer and I believe we all have the ability to heal so I will often use the term "we". Milwaukee is filled with amazing healers of all types offering everything from Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Animal Communication, Aromatherapy, Holistic Health Consulting, to Yoga, and Fen Shui, the list goes on and on. You name it, Milwaukee has it.

Where do you meet these wonderful healers and helpers? Great question! March 24, 2012 in Milwaukee, at the Mitchell Park Domes, there will be the Dare to Be Aware Fair. From 9am-5pm join more than 50 exhibitors, vendors, speakers, and performers for only $6.50! I will also be attending the event gathering more information from some of the vendors and exhibitors to let you know a little more about these people on a personal level in case you couldn’t make it or were just plain too busy to check them out! I am here to help you find your community!

There is a stigma that holistic healers have been dealt in the past as being frauds and quacks, and there may be some people who are abusing their titles. I have, however, seen and experienced the schooling involved, the continuing education, and the personal time and love that true healers put into their work. Many have studied longer than most college graduates and carry a passion unparalleled to most.

An advantage for the community aspect of healing is the trust and respect for everyone involved. When you get a group together working and weaving modalities like fine silk threads, you have confidence in the other practitioners that have been allowed to join this tapestry. The task may be daunting to find the right match in your Guide, but I can guarantee that these people are ready and willing to meet you and discuss how they may be your channel. In community, if we feel another personality or modality may better match your needs, we can recommend another qualified person. How absolutely fantastic is that? Being open, honest, and trusting in abundance, there are no bounds to the greatness that can be had by all. We all have a different energy, a different recipe of talents and we want to share it with you!