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Daphne Oz dishes up healthy pregnancy tips, from cereal to smoothies

As the daughter of health talk show host and cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Oz, joyfully pregnant Daphne Oz knows where to get advice. However, Daphne's also become an expert in her own right as the healthy eating expert on "The Chew." On the Jan. 22 episode of Wendy Williams' talk show, Daphne revealed her cravings and the answer to the big question: Will her father be in the delivery room?

Daphne Oz reveals how to have a healthy pregnancy.
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Daphne says that she refuses to stress about dieting during her pregnancy. Instead, her focus is on nutrition. Her surprise craving: Cold cereal, with a separate bowl for the grains and a cup for the milk.

One unexpected pleasure of pregnancy: Daphne feels good about her body. After struggling with her weight and body image when she was younger, Daphne told Wendy that she now has a positive self-image.

She's also authored two books about diets and healthy eating. "Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun" explores how to cook flavorful, low calorie meals, while "The Dorm Room Diet: The 8-step Program for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle Plan That Really Works" offers help for fighting the freshman 15 and other weight problems.

Although Daphne treasures her relationship with her father, she told Wendy that she's adamant about one issue: Dr. Oz will not be in the delivery room.

"I love my dad but that is not happening," she laughed.

However, for Daphne, Dr. Dad has given her best advice.

"After we told our parents that we were expecting, one of the first things my dad said to me was, “You can read everything you want -- but you definitely want to talk to your doctor. Listen to what your OB-GYN says.” I took that advice to heart," says Daphne.

When Daphne visited the "Dr. Oz Show" recently, she also dished on her favorite pregnancy foods.

"I've actually been craving a morning green juice, and I've been having smoothies at least a few mornings a week to make sure I kick the day off with a healthy dose of vital nutrients – I load them up with banana, kale, sour cherries, lime juice, almond butter, ground flax seed or chia seed, plus some yogurt or almond milk if I want it a little richer."

And to keep her energy up and her diet healthy during her busy day, Daphne always keeps snacks on hand.

"I always carry around snacks, something with a good amount of fat or protein so that I stay full. Sometimes I throw some cheese and honey in my bag with the apple to make it a little more decadent," she added.

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