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Danville Public Library brings their stories to life

He vants to read some books!
He vants to read some books!
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

With an active imagination, most children walk into a library. Books on shelves, people behind desks, one of the only quiet places they will ever go. They sit and read for as long as their technology soaked brains can sit still, but who lurks behind that bookshelf? Did you see him? His eyes glow, his fangs poking past his lower lip and his collar popped long before Kanye West. Yes, there he is! Dracula has appeared as if from nowhere. Yet why is he here? He has not just come to scare; he has come to tell you his story.

Dracula, many other spooks, and other literary characters will be showing up at Danville Public Library to help you Fall into Storyville. Their objectives will be to shed some gloomy light on their stories, or maybe to help you learn a thing or two. Either way, their time spent at the library, enjoyed through crafts, stories and refreshments to boot.

The Children’s Department hosts this event on October 24 starting at 6:00 p.m. and going to 7:30 p.m. Any and all are invited to register at the above link. You can come as you are or even dress the part of your favorite character or spook. Remember to bring the questions you have always been begging to ask those characters, for their time off the page will only last the evening.