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Dante's Inferno Review

Visceral Games' new hit is titled Dante's Inferno. Loosely based off of the Divine Comedy, you play as the fallen Crusader, Dante, trying to make it through his tour of hell. As you dive deeper and deeper, you come across enemies special to the current circle you are in. In the gluttony circle, you get to fight some half naked fat guys. In the Lust circle, you are allowed to do battle with heavy chested babes. It happens. Get used to it.

Those of you not in the knowing of the Devine Comedy, Dante's wife's soul is taken to hell and Dante must fight through every level to get closer to her. The fighting in thr game is very similar to God of War, including a chain based weapon. Fast paced action, and flawlessy executed moves make this a beautiful game to play, and watch.

During play, you'll come across characters with the worst moral dilemmas known to man. You can either abolish these sinners to hell, or absolve them of their sins and send their souls to heaven


Great gameplay. Check. Amazing story. Check. Great production value. Check.


Buy this game at your local Best Buy or Walmart.

Or rent it at Family Video or Blockbuster.

Either way, try it out. Good fun.



  • Candi 5 years ago

    This game was pretty interesting, I actually rented it myself yesterday and I thought the same things you did. It did have a good story to it. thanks and keep writting, I like taking your advice.. it helps. =)

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